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Trust and reliablity with network architecture through Next Gen technologies and the cloud


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Vigorously considering all of our client's current and future needs while always being available for support


The Role of the
Trusted Advisor

Fourth Dimension Networks is an experienced telecommunications agent and IT consulting firm serving small, medium and enterprise organizations. We work relentlessly to understand our clients technology needs, investing our time, skills, and expertise in finding the right solution at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to helping our clients navigate a world of ever-evolving IT complexities, delivering premier customer support.

Nationwide Supplier Access

We have direct access to a thoroughly vetted portfolio of over 260 providers that specialize to varying degrees in connectivity, wide area network, communications, cloud, and security. Based on your specific needs and goals, we will guide you toward optimizing your network environment, client engagement, and other technologies.

Enhanced Customer Support

Pre-purchase, we deliver prescriptive guidance that simplifies big purchase decisions. Post-purchase, we apply on-going, class-leading support by addressing queries promptly and resolving problems quickly. Unlike resellers, zero support is lost from the providers. Our competitive edge is that we work with the carriers to ensure white-glove support.

A Single Source for All Your Telecom Needs

The telecom marketplace is confusing for anyone not staying up-to-date on the latest reports and trends. Every day new and innovative offerings contribute to a complex and overwhelming landscape of options for customers. Allow Fourth Dimension to do the critical work of understanding each provider to help you make the right decision.

Our Specialties

Telecom Services

A Trusted Advisor Providing

Unbiased Supplier Recommendations

With access to over 260 suppliers, we consider ourselves a solution-agnostic organization believing our first responsibility is doing what’s right for our customers. We are purpose-driven, responsibility-centered, and as trusted advisors we always look for ways to serve customers outside the range of ordinary experience. Our process is to understand your telecom goals, audit your existing services, and consult with our engineers to schedule demos, generate network designs, create proposals, and meet as often as necessary to determine a solution that you have 100% confidence in.

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  • Industry-Leading Expertise

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